Not everyone is lucky enough to have our kids to play basketball, not everyone has the means to exercising, learning the sport. We started a campaign with our sponsor in order to obtain means to maintain two schools Madagascar basketball:

College Basketball Zumosol ALCORCONBASKET AKAMASOA.
College Basketball Zumosol ALCORCONBASKET Ambohipo.

In Collaboration with Sport and Education for a Better Future we want to extend our granite solidarity with the most disadvantaged children who are not lucky enough to have us but as we have the illusion of playing basketball. This is our link: The Basket.

And what do they most need? Although you will not believe they need minibasket balls

So we started this campaign in which all able to sponsor a ball that will send our boys of African Schools.

Who can participate? Any natural or legal person.

How much is sponsoring a ball? The contribution is 6 $ per ball

How do I sign up? It’s very simple only need to make a bank transfer to the account of CDE Alcorcón Basket (Popular Bank) BIC: POPUESMMXXX

ES17 0075 1132 1606 0019 4924

The Concept of Transfer should put: MADAGASCAR and your full name (company name in case of legal persons).

We’ll assign one of the balls putting your name or company logo (you need to send your logo beside the deposit slip or transfer to email address) in the box got balls. We will send you a certificate of collaboration in the campaign.

And how many balls can sponsor? All you want. If we reach the goal the better

Our goal: 200 balls that adqueriremos to BADEM, partner company with «Basket Balls for Madagascar» who provide 40 balls

Do not hesitate to all get it for a boy or girl Madagascar BETTER FUTURE.